Writing Posts

The ability to publish contents for users to see is one of the features that make Obhiaba.com Viral and as you may say “a community”.

Here are the different post types available and how to use them.


The common type of content is the Image type which allows you to upload photos from an event, yourself, etc.

It’s basically the same as uploading a photo on Facebook. It requires a title to explain with the Image is about.

You can also add descriptions at your wish.


Videos are engaging contents and hence, users love it. The video post types let you upload from your phone or embed a link from youtube.

Maximum file upload size is 42MB.

The Video post type also requires a title and description at your own will.


Nothing wrong with posting a little song for others to listen to. The audio post type is specially created for recordings and MP3.

Music bloggers and singers can use this post type to showcase their latest song.

Personality & Trivia Quiz

Running a contest? or anything of sort?… Quizzes both Personality or Trivia Quiz are here to make it easier.

The Quiz post type is built in the best engaging quiz format and it is also easy to understand.


In need of an answer? Polls are always the best Q&A platform to get really precise and correct answers via voting.

Hence the poll post type comes with those exact same features. You ask a question and give options. Users pick the correct answer.


Stories are usually lengthy hence we have created a post type that fits articles of such category.

You can share long texts and messages using the story post type.

Lists (Countdown, Open, Ranked)

Are you listing your top 10 celebrities in Esan? you would need a list for that.

The various lists can help you create intriguing posts. The ranked list is best for top 10, best 20, while the open allows users to contribute to a list.


The internet of today, has redefined comedy and fun.

Users can now simply write texts on pictures and you would laugh your life out.

Introducing memes, Text on photos that get the job done.


This is your chance to upload animated images.

Who can write a post? (Policies)

  1. Users with the Trainee rank are not along to write posts.
  2. Users with the Colonel rank and Brigadier are allowed to edit and delete posts of others.
  3. Users from Lieutenant to Brigadier can publish an unlimited number of posts daily.
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