Safety Tips For Buyers & Sellers

Please follow these tips for security reasons

Meet in person

Before you make any payment for your car as a buyer, or before you deliver your car as a owner/dealer, it is recommended both parties meet in persons.

Or representatives of both parties meet in case of long distance.

Never give our your financial information

In case of transaction, never give out your financial details to buyers/sellers for example bank account info, Paypal/ebay info etc.

Do not make prepayment

Sellers are not allowed to ask for prepayment and buyers are adviced not to make prepayment for any item on our platform.

Meet with the dealer/owner and if the item suits your taste, get the papers and licences and make payment.

Try to keep conversation within our chat platform

We have an inbuilt secure chatting platform, although you can chat with sellers on whatsapp and contact via call.

We recommend you keep the important conversation in our chat platform. This will help us monitor the deal between both parties.

Meet in a safe place for deal

Do not go to an unknown address sent to you buy a seller/buyer instead we recommend you meet in safe and busy place.

This will ensure the safety of both parties.

Look through seller/buyer info before buying

Though we do proper verification of sellers, we also recommend you do proper survey of buyers before making purchases. Such as looking through their social platforms and websites.

Do not pay more than the price published along item

Items published on our platform for sale are published with the exact deal price (or low i.e if negotiatable). Never should you pay more than the price published on the item.

Hire a mechanic to do proper test

If you have no technical knowledge of the performnce of a car, we advice you hire a mechanic to help you test run the vehicle before making any purchase.

Do not pay extra fees

All items published on our platform, are Nigeria based, hence dealers/sellers are not expected to ask for extra fees such as importation fees.

And buyers are recommended not to pay such fees.

Report any suspected dealer/buyer

If a buyer or seller tries to play tricks on, it is clear such person is not legit, hence we encourage you to quickly report dealers and their products immediately.