How does the rank thing work?

Ranks are levels in the platform that comes with great value. In order to improve the gamification of, Users are awarded new levels (ranks) based on their point balance.

Our Rank hierarchy takes from that of the Nigerian Army, which starts from Lieutenant and ends at Brigadier,

However, we have included a rank known as “Trainee”. This rank is awarded to every new member of the platform.

Let us look into the various rank levels.


Trainee Badge

The trainee rank is the very first rank acquired by any new member of the platform. It is unique and serves just as the name speaks.

It only requires the accumulation of 50points in other to leave this rank. What this rank simply does, is act as a learner’s account.

Holders of such rank are not allowed to Post items instead they are given room to learn and understand how the platform works.

Holders of such rank are adviced to

  1. Upload their profile picture
  2. Cover photo
  3. Invite friends
  4. Upvote/Downvote posts
  5. Leave comment on posts
  6. Add minimum of 10 friends/follows.

However, holders of this rank are being monitored by the moderators to prevent spamming and fake account.

If your account in a week does obtain a new rank, such an account would be suspended/deleted.


Lieutenant Badge

Welcome to authorship. After acquiring 50points, you are given the Lieutenant rank. With such rank, users can Publish content and also said to have passed human verification.


Leader Badge

Leaders are no ordinary members, Earning this rank speaks more of your engagement with the community.

Users with 300 points are automatically made leaders.


Captain Badge

Members can easily distinguish themselves from others by earning the 3-star badge with represents Captains.

To get this rank, such member must have accumulated 1000points.


Major Badge

Majors are members who have accumulated 3000points. Members get an extra immunity of “no delete without review”. Such users are seen as glorious.

Hence, Only admins can moderate such users.



Welcome to kingship. Colonels are third moderators.

A person who has earned the Colonel rank has the ability to edit and delete any appropriate posts.

Points requirement is 5000points.


Brigadier Badge

Biggest of them all. The brigadier rank is the last rank any member can attain.

This rank speaks of true community usage and hence, they interact with Admins.

Users of this rank are referred to as Second Moderator while Administrators hold the role of first Moderators.

Rank Policy

In order to improve the engagement of the community, Administrators of this website hold the sole right to input changes.

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