Make up to ₦7,000 weekly on the Obhiaba Daily Income program. 

Note: This program is strictly for Esan sons and daughters.


What’s Obhiaba Daily Income about?

In brief, Making money online is a reality and with little knowledge of how it works, you can make a living out of the internet.

Unlike other platforms that offer funds for a limited time, Obhiaba Daily Income offers earnings for an unlimited time i.e it never ends.

The idea behind Obhiaba Daily Income is simple, create a functional platform that pays the bills for its users. With Obhiaba Daily Income users can make up to ₦7,000 weekly with no stress.

Let’s see how it works.

Earning Via Post Creation

Contents are powerful and without content, would be valueless. Hence, Obhiaba Daily Incomes pays you for writing content.

Up to ₦1,450 can be made per post.

Depending on your post views, you earn money after publishing… see it below

  1. 100views – ₦70
  2. 500views – ₦ 220 + ₦70 = ₦290
  3. 1000views – ₦ 360 + ₦290 = ₦650
  4. 2000views – ₦ 800 + ₦650 = ₦1450
  5. 5000views – ₦820 + ₦1,450 = ₦2,270

You also earn extra ₦10 for trending, hot and popular posts. And if you post gets featured you earn ₦20.

Earning Via Referral

Making up to ₦7,000 weekly would not be fun if you don’t make extra cash for referring users to sign up.

This program is unending. It will continue and as long as you refer a user, you will earn cash.

How it works, for every user you refer, you earn ₦600.

Here is your referrer link.

Share it on Facebook, and other social platforms to start making cool cash.

Earning Via Ranks and Achievements

Every society has it’s own classes and hierarchy of citizens. The same is

Our platform offers you free cash for every rank and achievement made in the community.

Read more about achievements here and Ranks here.

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