Among the few tribes dwelling in Edo state, lies Esanland. A beauty to behold, a land filled with successful individuals, business etc.

Esanland houses various tribes and is known for good hospitality and care for sons and daughters.

In this post, We are going to list the Local Governments in Esanland, Edo State, Nigeria.

List Of Local Governments (LGA) In Esanland

  1. Esan Central (Irrua)
  2. Esan West (Ekpoma)
  3. Esan North East (Uromi)
  4. Esan South East (Ubiaja)
  5. Igueben

1. Esan Central (Irrua)

Esan Central Local Government is one of the local governments (LGA) in Esanland and is the administrative headquarters of the town Irrua. Irrua is the homeland of the popular Irrua Specialist Hospital (Otibhor).

Irrua is one of the settlements in Esan whose king is a Muslim. Esan Central houses various secondary and primary schools including CAC.

Esan Central local government area approximately covers an area of 253 km². The local government area is bounded to the north by Etsako west local government area,

to the east by Esan North-East (Uromi) local government area, to the south by Igueben and to the west by Esan West (Ekpoma) local government areas.

Here are the 10 wards in Esan Central local government (Irrua)

  • Ewu i
  • Ewu ii
  • Ikekato
  • Opoji
  • Otoruwo i
  • Otoruwo ii
  • Ugbegun
  • Uneah
  • Uwessan i
  • Uwessan ii

As stipulated in the 2006 national population census, the population of Esan Central local government area is estimated to be105,242, with 53,017 males and 52,225 females.

In regards to religion, a vast majority of Esan Central LGA occupants are Christians while others are Muslims, Traditional Idol worshippers.

2. Esan West (Ekpoma)

Esan West (Ekpoma) is one the local governments (LGA) in Esanland and is the host to the popular Ambrose Alli University which was established years back by former Governor Prof Ambrose Alli who hails from Ekpoma in Esanland.

Esan West Local Government area is head by a government chairman while having a traditional head (king) in charge of its traditional affairs.

Ekpoma occupies a land mass of 502km sq and consists of 10 politically divided wards which are

  • Egoro/Idoa/Ukhun
  • Emaudo/Eguare/Ekpoma
  • Emuli/Ukpenu/Ujoelen
  • Ihunmudumu/Idumebo/Uke/Ujemen
  • Illeh/Eko-ine
  • Iruekpen
  • Ogwa
  • Uhiele
  • Ujiogba
  • Urohi

Esan West (Ekpoma) has an estimated population of over 190,000 people which consist of an adult male population of over 60,000 and adult female population of over 50,000.

Ekpoma is rumored to be the homeland of super eagles (Nigerian male senior team) striker Odion Ighalo who also plays for Chinese team at the club level.

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3. Esan North East (Uromi/Uzea)

Esan North-East Local government (Uromi/Uzea) is one the local governments (LGA) in Esanland located in Edo state of Nigeria with an estimated population of 119,346.

Uromi is home to the late Chief Tony Anenih of blessed memory. Also situated in Esan North East, is the National Institute of Construction & Technology NICT.

Esan North East LGA consist of 11 politically divided wards which are subgroups into 2 constituencies these wards are

  • Amedokhian
  • Arue
  • Efandion
  • Egbele
  • Ukoni
  • Obeidu
  • Ubierumu
  • Uelen/Okugbe
  • Uwalor
  • Uzea
  • Ewoyi

Uromi/Uzea LGA have 3 common religious practices namely, Christianity, Muslim and traditional worship. It is one of the most developed of all towns in Esanland.

4. Esan South East (Ubiaja)

Esan South East (Ubiaja) is local governments (LGA) in Esanland and is the homeland of the well-known Ubiaja Prison which is located a few miles away from the administrative council.

As stated in the 2006 census, Esan South East has an estimated population of 167,721 and It occupies an area of 1,306 km².

Esan South East consist of 10 politically divided wards which are are

  • Emu
  • Ewatto
  • Ewohimi i
  • Ewohimi ii
  • Ilushi i
  • Ilushi ii
  • Ohordua
  • Ubiaja i
  • Ubiaja ii
  • Ugboha

Esan South is also known as the Esan LGA with numerous rivers including the Niger river which cuts across Ilushi and the Ugboha river.

Some notable persons from Esan South East include Odion Ugbesia a former senator, Hon. Sergius Ogun a house of representatives member and many more...

5. Igueben

Igueben is one of the local governments (LGA) in Esanland. It is estimated as stated in the 2006 census to have a population of 69,639 and occupies 380 km² land area.

Among the local governments (LGA) in Esanland is Igueben which was founded around 1516, during the reign of the Benin monarch, Oba Esigie (1504–1550) according to Wikipedia

Igueben local government (LGA) in Esanland houses the all known College of Education. Some of its tourist attractions include the Ukpe Festival… a showcase of masquerade, the Onogie’s New Year Festival – Ihuan etc.

Igueben LGA consists of 10 politically divided wards which are

  • Afuda/idumuoka
  • Amahor/ugun
  • Ekekhen/idumu/ogo/egbike
  • Ekpon
  • Ewossa
  • Idigun/ Idumedo
  • Okalo/ Okpujie
  • Owu/ Okuta/ Eguare Ebelle
  • Udo
  • Uhe/idumuogbo/idumueke

The Igueben LGA population is of 3 major religions which are Christianity, Muslim and Traditional worshippers.

Here is our complete list of local governments (LGA) in Esanland. Subsequently, we are going to write more articles about each local government.

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