Looking for a car to buy in Nigeria from legit trusted car dealers in Nigeria?

In this post, I am going to show you the exact best way to find legit local car dealers in Nigeria online. These dealers would be the very best pick for anyone who wishes to buy a car online in Nigeria.

Let’s get started.

Basically, in finding a dealer, there are few things you must know and with these few things you can ascertain yourself whether this dealer is legit or not.

First thing, must be to find yourself an online car selling platform that sells used and new cars depending on what kind of car you need, on such a platform you can start looking for legit sellers.

Currently, Nigeria has a few of such platforms, and in the next few words, I will be revealing the best part of these platforms to you.

Top 5 car selling sites in Nigeria

  1. Obhiaba.com
  2. Naijautos
  3. Cheki.com.ng
  4. Jiji.ng
  5. OLX

Let’s take a brief review of these sites.


Though newly launched, Obhiaba.com stands firm as a fast-growing car classified website in Nigeria, It takes its full pride in linking dealers and buyers up in a self environment.

Obhiaba.com which offers both Locally used, Tokunbo and brand new cars of any car brand in Nigeria including Toyota, Lexus, etc could as well be rated as the best place to find Car Dealers In Nigeria.

Here are some of the features that make it easy to find car sellers on Obhiaba.com

  1. Advanced Dealers search
  2. Per state dealer search
  3. General search and filtering
  4. Car page dealer information and contact
  5. Dealer product listing and social connections.

Finding the right dealer on Obhiaba.com is just like a breeze. You can start by searching for a car dealer in Nigeria on Obhiaba Car Classified.


Naijauto is one of the old players of the game, with lot of users patronizing the car classified.

Posting of products is absolutely free, hence it is easy to find a huge market of dealers in Naijauto but however one must be careful to avoid meeting up with thieves.

This is due to the publishing method which doesn’t require any strong way of verification. You can start looking for dealers in Naijauto


Cheki.com.ng is another car specific classified website just like Obhiaba.com

On cheki.com.ng though not as big as Naijautos, you can find vehicle dealers in Nigeria online but locally and international. However one problem on cheki.com.ng

is the excessive pricing on listing, hence, you can not truly find a wide range of car dealers there unlike Obhiaba.com and Naijauto.


Jiji.ng is a super big classified website in Nigeria for selling anything from mobile phones, to beauty and also to cars. It has a categories that features the sales of cars and listing of dealers.

But however, Jiji.ng is not a car specific classified website hence it is difficult to search car a wide range of dealers to find just car specific dealers.


Last on my list of Top 5 car selling sites in Nigeria is OLX. Despite being one of the very biggest classifieds in Nigeria, OLX.com.ng had to come last here due to the fact that it is not a car targetted classified.

OLX.com.ng has a huge number of sellers which you can contact for both foreign and local used cars but finding them would require one to search through a bunch of other category based sellers.

Hence, OLX.com.ng stands in the 5th position on my car selling sites in Nigeria list.

Now you know the car selling websites to find car dealers in Nigeria. Next, we will discuss how to ascertain if a dealer is legit or not in other not to get yourself into a den of thieves.

5 Must-Know Qualities of Legit (Reputable) Car Dealers in Nigeria

  1. Testimonials and Reviews
  2. Dealer Transparency
  3. Fair Pricing
  4. Transaction Request
  5. Information Displayed

Testimonials and Reviews

Every car classified platform in Nigeria for selling cars, always have a simple rating option that lets buyers and users rate sellers.

With the help of this ratings, you can tell how many buyers are satisfied with the reputation of an car dealer in Nigeria.

Hence, the rating and performance of a car dealer can go along way in deciding if he or she is legit or not.


Sellers who would tell you the actual condition of the vehicle you are about to buy are the legit ones. Hence, it is best when chatting up sellers, you should listen to what they say and pay attention to know if they are transparent or not.

Also, the platform where you meet your dealers can also add to transparency, some platforms such as Obhiaba.com and Cheki.com.ng take a good time to verify car sellers.

Fair Pricing

The price of the car on sale by the dealer could also tell if such is legit or not. Fraudsters are fund of playing expensive cars on sale for penny.

Therefore, when the price of a car being published is way obvious to be too small for the proposed car, then you as a buyer should be careful not to get your self into the hands of fraudsters.

Transaction Request

Spammers and fraudsters are always quick to request for the transfer of funds, They want to get it done as soon as possible.

Hence, buyers should not dealers in Nigeria who would instantly ask for transfer of fund without them going on a test drive or even signing the car documents.

Such persons could just want to run away with your money, hence be careful not to fall into the hands of such. You can check out our FAQ section to find out how to be safe with buyers.

Information Displayed

Is his phone number, address or social profile missing? be careful.

In order to avoid getting traced after playing a scam of a buyer, fake car dealers can remove certain information from their profile.

Also check out for displayed photo. Ensure it is same with those on his social page and also the name should be the same too.

With the above tips, you should be able to identify a common scammer, but however, to find local legit car dealers in Nigeria could require much more.

This is however why, we recommend you find your desired car dealer here at Obhiaba.com where dealers are properly verified, thereby taking away over 80% of fake dealers.

Rounding Up

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