Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to (Viral Community for all)

Here, you will learn how the community works and also you will be shown to different sections.

First thing note, begginners are refered to as “Trainees” hence they get the “Trainee” rank.

Users with the trainee rank are not allowed to publish posts instead they are being shown around the community.

Here are the first things to do.

Access Profile

Your profile as a member is where everything about you is displayed. You data, points, badges etc.

To access your profile, locate your picture at the top right of the header.

OBHIABA profile

Click on it to access your profile.

Earn Points

The point system is very simple. You get paid with points for anything you do. On registration your get 10 free points but thats not enough to build your rank.

Since you are not allowed to publish content as a Trainee, hence you are adviced to perform the below tasks in other to earn free points.

  1. Upload profile image
  2. Upload cover image
  3. Invite friends
  4. Upvote/Downvote posts
  5. Comment on posts
  6. Follow at least 10 people

The above activities should give you 50points which is needed to claim authorship with a new rank called Lieutenant.

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